Promotional Marketing Program

The Promotional Marketing Program is designed to dramatically increase your sales volume and raise Red Duck Knives brand awareness. By offering your customers "specials," you will not only increase your sales during the promotional period but will also increase your overall sales volume due to increased customer awareness of the brand. The program is all about keeping your sales at "full throttle" during the year while increasing your 50% gross profit margin!

What specials are offered to promote your knife program?
4th of July, Hunting Season, Christmas

When will you be notified of an upcoming special?
Four weeks.

How will you be notified of an upcoming special?
By email and then followed up with phone calls by one of my customer service representatives.

How does promotion work?
You will receive an "electronic coupon" that you can redeem for a limited time.

How can you order product for a special?
You have the option of ordering online at, or you can call John at 801-920-3860 or Jake at 801-690-0729 to place your order.

How do you set up the display for sale?
I recommend that you remove your "existing" product that is designated to go on sale from your display and place in your back-stock area until the promotion has completed. This approach will ensure that you will not lose a portion of your profit on the existing inventory.

How long does a special last?
Two to four weeks. The length of the promotion will depend on your available stock. I recommend that you stop your sale "before" stock levels are entirely sold out. The remaining unsold inventory can then sold at the regular retail price point resulting in more profit.

How is the special advertised?
Point Of Sale (POS) signage that comes with the product purchased for the sale.

What will be the retail price points of the specials?
Suggested retail price points for each sale item will to be included with your order so that you easily update your POS system.

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