Sweepstakes Marketing Program

The Sweepstakes Marketing Program is designed to "promote and market" both your store and the Red Duck Knives brand.
By entering these sweepstakes, customers will have the opportunity to win fun and exciting prizes while be notified of
upcoming "sale" events and specials.   

How many sweepstakes drawings are there per year?
One sweepstake per month.

How many grand prizes can a customer potentially win in a year?
One grand prize per month.

How does a customer enter the sweepstakes?
All a customer has to do is text your store's "retail code" (located on your knife display) to (801)436-3669.

What happens when a customer enters the sweepstakes?
Your customer "instantly" receives a Product 10% Discount Coupon on their phone for any of our products in your store.

How does the customer activate the coupon?
Your customers must first select the products they want to buy. Next, your staff would "activate" their coupon by pressing the "accept" button on their phone.  (One coupon per customer.)

As a retailer, do I receive reimbursement for redeeming these coupons?
Yes, and on your very next product order, you'll receive in-store credit to compensate you for your redemption efforts.  (The value of the "redeemed product" will be calculated by multiplying the total number of redemptions logged into the sweepstakes database by $3.00...a 10% average for an average $30.00 sale.  For example: If you redeem five coupons before your next product order, you will receive a $15.00 in-store credit.)

How is a customer rewarded for entering the sweepstakes? 
A customer will automatically receive a text message alerting them that they have won a "mystery prize."  The winner will receive this gift within five working days.

When are the sweepstakes drawing done?
The drawing are on the last day of the current month.  At this time, "automated" drawings are performed to determine the three grand prize winners.  

When are the sweepstakes winners notified?
On the first day of the "next" month.   The winners are identified and notified via a text message.  Prizes are shipped within five working days after the winners have claimed their prizes.  Also, all other customers are made aware of the next sweepstakes and the three prizes offered.

When are customers notified of a knife sale?
Customers are alerted several times before and during the sale.  These notifications are designed to keep stimulating your customers to take advantage of the promotions without delay! 

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