John Graves, President & Jake Graves, Vice President

Are you tired of being sold a "bill of goods" by the big knife and self-defense companies? You know what I'm talking's that massive "dinosaur" display you bought on "sale" at the trade show. It lumbered into your store and flopped down on one of your choicest locations and then died a slow and agonizing death. You've tried to breathe life back into it several moving it to a better location or putting on a sale...all without much luck. So, you've just resigned yourself to "putting up" with that dust collector until you have bleed down all that "dead-inventory" enough to toss it into the "dumpster of lost causes"!

Don't feel too bad we've all traveled down that road a time or two. But now, there is a way to "breaking the bonds" of poor performance and low expectations and start experiencing the "pure joy" of high volume knife and self-defense sales and profit...but before revealing the "nitty-gritty" of how you can achieve this "state of nirvana" let me first introduce myself...My name is John Graves, but to all my customers they just call me "The Knife Guy" because I’ve "transformed" their locations into "knife and self-defense selling powerhouses" overnight by utilizing my 40 years of the combined knife, self-defense, and retail expertise.

...It was in those "retail trenches" that I discovered the following simple but powerful truths:

1. 95% of all knife and self-defense tool sales are "impulse-driven."

2. Customers primarily buy knives and self-defense tools to satisfy their "emotional needs."

3. Knives and self-defense tools sell the BEST in “high impulse channels."

4. Customers buy knives and self-defense tools more quickly when they can be tactically explored.

5. Retailers and customers BOTH expect solid guarantees.

6. The majority of knives and self-defense tools sold are under $100 with the average retail price being $45.

These simple discoveries kept driving me to locate a company that could help me achieve my profit goals. Well, none existed! All the big-name knife and self-defense companies and product distributors were stuck in the “retail past”…merchandising their products in “outdated displays” and "don't touch packaging" while providing limited product lines, services, and guarantees.

...After coming up empty-handed, I decided to establish Red Duck Knives, a company that's driven to provide you not only the "products" your customers want to buy, but the merchandising system, guarantees, and services that'll ensure your financial success!

The Retailer's Go-To Program for Selling Knives

& Self-defense Tools!

A "turn-key" solution for retailers to achieve high profits in knives and self-defense tools with minimal effort.  It consists of customizable "state of the art" merchandising displays coupled with outstanding product lines, services, and guarantees.

  • A 60 Day "Total Satisfaction" Guarantee That Eliminates Risk Of Trying Us Out. If you're a new customer and not "totally satisfied" within 60 days of your purchase just call me for a "hassle-free"'s that easy! I'll even reimburse you for the return shipping. That is how confident I am about my program!
  • A 50% Gross Profit Margin Guarantee To Maximize Your Profitability. In today's turbulent and competitive retail environment, you need to be maximizing your profits at all times. My 50% margin is "heads and shoulders" above anyone else in the industry offering this quality of products and service!
  • A 100% Trade Back Guarantee To Maintain Your Profitability. You'll never lose money ever again on product defects, customer returns or unsold other words, you'll not only be refunded 100% of your wholesale cost but also the shipping cost you've incurred returning these products to our facility. Your refunds are issued in the form of an "in-store" credit that you can apply anytime to future product purchases!
  • A Free Shipping Guarantee To Maximize Your Profits. I'll never ask you to pay for shipping products "to and from" your business! This means you're always "maximizing your profitability"!
  • A "Fresh Start" Initiative To Help You Achieve Success Regardless Of Your Past Experience. My unique program gives you the power to "break the bonds" of poor performance immediately! This initiative consists of "buying out" your existing "dead" inventory and replacing it with my high-performance products displayed in an "interactive" knife and self-defense tool merchandiser. Call me today for a free evaluation...What do you have to lose?
  • Sturdy Quality Knives And Self-Defense Tools At The Right Price And Profit. New and exciting products are regularly being evaluated and introduced into the sales "pipeline" throughout the year to keep your customers buying! Remember, 95% of customers buy knives and self-defense tools on impulse to satisfy their emotional needs such as power, strength, pride, happiness, and safety. By introducing fresh and exciting products continuously, I will be able to keep your sales at "full throttle"!
  • Product & Display “Customized” To Your Store Layout and Goals. You and I know that not all stores are created equal! That is why my program is designed to give you the flexibility to select the products and displays that "best fit" your store layout and customer base. If not sure what would be the best fit...just give me a call!
  • FREE "State Of The Art" Product Displays To Help You Achieve “Sales Nirvana”. My displays have been painstakingly designed to satisfy both you and your customer's needs. They're designed around the fact that people love knives and self-defense products and that 95% of all knife and self-defense tool sales are "impulse-driven" fact, research shows that people "rarely" plan to buy a knife or self-defense tool. My displays convert lookers into buyers "at light speed" compared to traditional knife and self-defense know the ones...they're one of those extinct DINOSAURS from a millions of years ago that somehow wandered into your store at some point and "plopped down" in some "choice location" and started using up your valuable floor space and store labor. And there you are...years later still "praying" that "someday" you'll finally sell out of that massive "dead-inventory" of knives and self-defense tools that remain in storage! In contrast, my compact "self-serve and non-self-serve" displays "super optimize" your valuable counter/floor space and labor while maximizing profits. According to the National Retail Federation, the average "Gross Profit/Retail Square Foot" (GP/RSF) is $465.00/year. Traditional knife and self-defense company floor display takes up an average of 12 square feet (3' x 4') of space and generates around $1,550.00 in gross profit per year...or $129.00 of GP/RSF...On the other hand, my displays use less than "one square foot" of existing counter or shelf space and generate an average of $2,080 of GP/RSF. That's more than 4.5 times the national average and 16 times more than traditional displays.
  • Outstanding Knife & Self-Defense Merchandising Expertise You Deserve. We both know that success doesn't come easy...It takes time and knowledge! That's where my program comes into play...It instantly provides you with all the tools and expertise you'll need to be successful. Remember, 95% of all knife and self-defense tool sells are impulse you've got have the right products and merchandising tools at your finger-tips to keep stimulating your customers to buy "multiple times" during the year. Remember, people buy a lot of knives and self-defense tools during their lifetime, so don't underestimate your ability to turn a lot of inventory!
  • Exceptional Customer Support You Need To Be Successful. I am here when you need's that simple...just give me a call! I absolutely "thrive" on providing you with all the knowledge and expertise you'll need to execute the most profitable retail program you'll ever experience.
  • Sweepstakes and Promotional Marketing Programs To Keep Sales At Full Speed. My sweepstakes use "state of the art" digital coupon promotions via text messaging to keep your customers engaged in buying knives and self-defense tools at your retail establishment while having a chance to win exciting prizes. Also, specialized marketing programs timed around Father's Day, Hunting Season and Christmas are designed to keep your knife and self-defense sales at "full steam"! These promotions will allow your customers "special buys" on select knife and self-defense tool categories while maintaining your 50% gross profit margin!
  • Bar Code Labels To Maintain Your Margins and Inventory Control Goals. These labels help ensure that you're getting the correct "ring" at "checkout! Also, I bar code per "product category" not by "individual product" and this translates into significant savings in management-labor when it comes to "setting up and maintaining" my products in your Point of Sale system.
  • Retail Security Tags To Minimize Shrinkage. These magnetic tags help minimize your theft rate when utilizing an Acoustical Magnetic (AM) Loss Prevention System. When the dishonest folks see these tags, they think twice!




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